About Kits 'N' Pieces.

Kits 'N' Pieces originally came into being over the joy of building something and having it work! At that time Ed Richardson (K1DTW) and Ken Knox (N1JRO) decided to try to get others interested in that same joy.

Our first product was the original LDG automatic tuner...as a matter of fact, we were one of their first distributors. From that point, we broadened our horizons into a broad range of products related to all aspects of amateur radio.

Our overall goal has been to provide the Maine people with a vendor at all the local hamfests that can sell products at a reasonable price and maintain enough profit to stay in existence.

To that end, we extended our business to the internet to ease the expenses of the hamfests and maintain our pricing as low as possible. Our goal was always to share the amateur radio experience with our communities.

We never made much money off of our sales -- on purpose. What money we did make went into improving our products ( or our trailer ; ). Instead, for over twenty years, we have earned the camaraderie of the amateur radio community. From the friendly bartering, to the creativity not just in radio technology but in camping gear and tailgating techniques, to the joy in a new ham's face when they got their first antenna with a gift card they just won. That was the purpose of this business, and it was well worth it.

Thank you all for all the memories.