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  Description Part Number Price
 *****Swivel Adapter, 1/4" x 20 ThreadA41050000001$7.00
 10-Meter HamstickA1H100000001$21.00
 100W, 50Ohm Dummy LoadADUMMY100001$150.00
 12-Meter HamstickA1H120000001$21.00
 15-Meter HamstickA1H150000001$21.00
 17-Meter HamstickA1H170000001$21.00
 20-Meter HamstickA1H200000001$21.00
 220 MHz., 10" Rubber Duck, 5/8 Wave, BNCAW2201000001$16.00
 222-350 Mhz Ground Plane 5/8 wave over 1/2 wave 4.5 dBi gain fiberglass A14940000001$84.00
 25-1300MHz Discone AntennaA14100000001$56.00
 40-Meter HamstickA1H400000001$21.00
 50-ohm Dummy Load w/BNC Connector (DC-3GHz)AH8225000001$3.00
 6 db Gain VHF Base Station Antenna (136-174MHz) A14000000001$90.00
 6-Meter HamstickA1H060000001$21.00
 75-Meter HamstickA1H750000001$21.00
 Antenna Switch, 1000 Watt Coaxial, 1-In, 2-OutACSA20100001$10.95
 Antenna, 10 Meters, NMO Mount,(26.5-31MHz) A11400000001$30.00
 Antenna, 102" whip w/ 3-24 threadA11070000001$26.00
 Antenna, 2 Meters, NMO Mount, (136-174MHz) A11510000001$30.00
 Antenna, 6 Meters, NMO Mount,(47-54MHz) A11440000001$30.00
 Antenna, Base Station, (144-174MHz), 6.7dB GainA14900000001$90.00
 Antenna, Base Station, (406-512 MHz), 6.5dB gainA14860000001$80.00
 Antenna, Base Station, Dual Band Fiberglass (144-148MHz / 435-450MHz) A14800000001$90.00
 Antenna, Base Station, Dual Band Fiberglass (144-148MHz / 435-450MHz) A14810000001$140.00
 Antenna, Mobile (140-175MHz), Magnet MountA11540000001$30.00
 Antenna, Mobile (220-225MHz) A11520000001$30.00
 Antenna, Mobile (438-485MHz), Magnet MountA11700000001$30.00
 Antenna, VHF/UHF Gain 3/8x24 Mount Mobile Antenna (144-148/440-450MHz)A11840000001$11.00
 Antenna, VHF/UHF Gain Dual Band Mobile Antenna (144-148/440-450MHz) A11800000001$30.00
 Antenna, VHF/UHF Gain Mag-Mount Mobile Antenna (144-148/440-450MHz)A11850000001$28.00
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