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  Description Part Number Price
 3" Magnet Mount, 3/8"x24 thread, ChromeM23900000001$20.00
 3/8 - 3/4 NMO Hole Mount (No Cable)M22540000001$8.00
 3/8 x 24 Stud w/0.100 hole & Set screwsMCB52A000001$3.00
 3/8"x24 Bolt (Pkg. of 2)M19900000001$1.00
 5" Magnet Mount w/SO-239 mountM32650000001$30.00
 5" Magnetic Mount, 3/8x24 Thread, BlackM265R0000001$26.00
 5" Magnetic Mount, 3/8x24 Thread, ChromeM24000000001$25.00
 Adhesive Microphone ClipMMH4B0000001$2.00
 Antenna Mount Quick DisconnectM21700000001$7.00
 Chrome Ball Mount, Lug Hook-UpMBM3B0000001$15.00
 Cover for NMO-type mountM12900000001$3.00
 Felt Protector, 3" Mag mountM3FELT000001$1.00
 Felt Protector, 5" Mag mountM5FELT000001$1.00
 Flat Bar Mount, 6" LongMFBM10000003$7.00
 Flush Head Hole Plugs, 1", Pkg / 5MBPF10000001$3.00
 Flush Head Hole Plugs, 1/2", Pkg / 5MBPF12000001$3.00
 Flush Head Hole Plugs, 3/4", Pkg / 5MBPF34000001$3.00
 Flush Head Hole Plugs, 3/8", Pkg / 5MBPF38000001$3.00
 Flush Head Hole Plugs, 5/8", Pkg / 5MBPF58000001$3.00
 Flush Head Hole Plugs, 7/8", Pkg / 5MBPF78000001$3.00
 Flush Head Hole Plugs, Assortment, Pkg / 6 Includes: (1) BPF-3/8 (1) BPF-1/2 (1) BPF-5/8 (1) BPF-3/4 (1) BPF-7/8 (1) BPF-1MBPF00000001$4.00
 Heavy Duty Barrel Spring M212000000O1$12.00
 Heavy Duty Stainless Steel SpringMKA52SS00001$20.00
 Magnetic Microphone ClipMMH100000001$2.00
 Mini Trunk Mount M12460000001$24.00
 Motorola NMO HubMMOTH0000001$6.00
 Mount, 1" thick plate NMO, N-FM12190000001$10.00
 Mount, 1" thick plate NMO, UHF-FM12180000001$8.00
 Mount, 180 Degree Fold-Over for 3/8x24 ThreadMEZ100000001$12.00
 Mount, Hamstick Dipole, Requires (2) Hamsticks Includes: (1) RVD3 Mount, Dual 3-way Mirror (1) 200 Mount, Lug Stud (1) 201 SO-239 StudMRHSM0000001$19.00
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