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  Description Part Number Price
 *****Pen, CD/DVD, Black, pkg/2TN95100020B1$1.00
 *****Pen, CD/DVD, Multi-Color, pkg/4TN95100047B$2.00
 13-Piece H.S.S. Drill SetTCTS20800001$3.00
 6' Tape MeasureTMEASURE0001$3.00
 9-Piece Hex Key SetTHEXKEY00001$2.00
 Buss Fuse PullerTFP100000001$1.00
 Coax-Seal, 60"x1/2"TCS104000001$6.00
 Easy Folding UmbrellaTUMBRELLA001$3.00
 F-Connector Crimp Tool with Cutter, Works with F6 and F59 ConnectorsTPM611010001$10.00
 General Purpose ClampTCLAMP000001$2.00
 Heater, Ungar Soldering PencilT12370000002$4.00
 Heater, Ungar Soldering PencilT36100000001$4.00
 Helping HandsTHH100000001$8.00
 Helping Hands With Magnifying GlassTTHH10000001$10.00
 Hemostat, Stainless SteelTHEMOSTAT001$3.00
 Hobby KnifeTHK100000001$1.00
 Hobby Knives (pkg/10)THK100000010$5.00
 IC ExtractorTICEXTRAC001$1.00
 IC Test Clip For 16-Pin DIPSTDIPTEST0001$3.00
 Mini "Swiss"- Style Knife With Key-Chain EyeletTKNIFE000001$3.00
 Multitester, AnalogTST110000001$15.00
 Multitester, Digital, 7-FunctionTP3075600001$15.00
 Precision Screw Driver SetTPSCREW00001$2.00
 Scissors, Stainless SteelTSCISSORS001$3.00
 Small TweezersTTWEEZ100001$0.50
 Soldering Iron StandTHS880000001$4.00
 Super Driver w/4 BitsTDRIVER00001$10.00
 Test Prods w/Banana PlugsTTEST1000001$3.00

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